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Roger Yang Pei An / 杨培安

Roger Yang Pei An - Those Years

Singer/band: Roger Yang Pei An / 杨培安
Title: Those Years
Release date: 2011/11/04
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Language: English, Mandarin [TW]

01. Summer of '69 (o/p by Bryan Adams)
02. With or Without You
(o/p by U2)
03. Love of My Life
(o/p by Queen)
04. Enter Sandman
(o/p by Metallica)
05. Faithfully
(o/p by Journey)
06. Highway Star
(o/p by Deep Purple)
07. Still Loving You
(o/p by Scorpions)
08. Talk Dirty to Me
(o/p by Poison)
09. Still Got the Blues
(o/p by Gary Moore)
10. The Final Countdown
(o/p by Europe)
11. 夢見

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Roger Yang Pei An - The Seeds of Hope

Singer/band: Roger Yang Pei An / 杨培安
Title: The Seeds of Hope / 希望的种子
Release date: 2011/03/11
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Language: Mandarin [TW]
pop-rock, rock

01. 夢想從心開始 (Meng xiang cong xin kai shi)
02. 浴火鳳凰 (Yu huo feng huang)
03. 月光 (Yue guang)
04. 彩虹的盡頭 (Cai hong de jin you)
05. I'm Fine
06. 就是要你管 (Jiu shi yao ni guan)
07. 愛的奇蹟 (Ai de qi ji)
08. 沒有不可能的事 (Mei you bu ke neng de shi)
09. 感謝有你 (Gan xie you ni)
10. 希望的種子 (Xi wang de zhong zi)

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sandalls said...

thanks for posting up Roger Yang's newest album... he's an artist that I just recently discovered and really enjoy!! especially his older works..

This blog doesn't host any files. If you like the album, please buy it! support bands and singers! to make you easier to find the CD on (ships worldwide!) I post CD's catalogue numbers. And please delete all audio-files after 24 hours! They are for promotion purposes only~