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Allen Su Xing / 苏醒

Allen Su - Jin hang shi

Singer/band: Allen Su Xing / 苏醒
Title: Jin hang shi / 进行式
Release date: 2011/06/10
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Language: Mandarin [CN]


01. 身旁 (Shen pang)
02. 假如爱是一种错 (Jia ru ai shi yi zhong cuo)
03. Party Queen
04. 我还在唱歌 (Wo hai zai chang ge)
05. 分裂 (Fen lie)
06. 下次再玩 (Xia ci zai wan)
07. 非偶像 (Fei ou xiang)
08. I Will Be The..
09. 只谈心不贪心 (Zhi tan xin bu tan xin)
10. Be My Lady
11. 怕爱 (Pa ai)

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Allen Su - Longing

Singer/band: Allen Su Xing / 苏醒
Longing / 想念式
Release date: 2010/05/11
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Language: Mandarin [CN]

01. 选秀明星 (Xuan xiu ming xing)
02. 一首想念的歌 (Yi shou xiang nian de ge)
03. Miss Pretty
04. 后来你好吗 (Hou lai ni hao ma)
05. 1+1等于全世界 (1+1 deng yu quan shi jie)
06. 想念式 (Xiang nian shi)
07. So I Say
08. 浪漫旅程 (Lang man lu cheng)
09. 酷旋风 (Ku xuan feng)
10. 你最醒目 (Ni zui xing mu)

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Losly said...

Thanks so much! I've been looking for this album, but not many sites have it. I've never heard him sing, but I have seen him on TV so thought I'd give this album a listen.

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