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Anthony Neely / 倪安东

Anthony Neely - Lesson One

Singer/band: Anthony Neely / 倪安东
Title: Lesson One / 第一课
Release date: 2010/11/19
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Language: Mandarin [TW]

01. 第一课 (Diyi ke)
02. Sorry That I Loved You
03. 末日快乐 (Mo ri keuile)
04. 散场的拥抱 (San chang de yongbao)
05. 不耐烦 (Bunaifan)
06. 幸福事小 (Xingfu shi xiao)
07. 缠斗 (Chan dou)
08. 恶梦 (Emeng)
09. 绅士 (Shenshi)
10. 藏起来 (Cang qilai)
11. The Blower's Daughter

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3 komentari:

Joy Chan said...

Thank you for posting! You are my life blood for Cpop now in the US.
感謝感謝 :)

blue_keroppi said...

Thank you ^x^ so much, agree with Joy Chan :D

blue_keroppi said...

Thank you very much ^x^, and agree with Joy Chan

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