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Ricky Xiao Huang Chi / 萧煌奇

Ricky Xiao Huang Chi - Alone doesn't Mean Lonely

Singer/band: Ricky Xiao Huang Chi / 萧煌奇
Title: Alone doesn't Mean Lonely / 孤独的和弦
Release date: 2011/01/14
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Language: Mandarin [TW]
pop, guitar-pop

01. 另眼相看 Seeing With Your Heart
02. 好運的男人 Lucky Man
03. 只能勇敢 Brave Heart
04. 大富翁 Spiritual Treasure
05. 不傷人 Don't Hurt Anyone
06. 嗨早安,用早餐 A Beautiful Morning
07. Somebody
08. 孤獨的和弦 Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely
09. 末班車 Last Train
10. 旅途愉快 Have A Nice Trip

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