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Chen Guan Lin / 陈冠霖

Chen Guan Lin - Mu Tou Ren

Singer/band: Chen Guan Lin / 陈冠霖
Title: Mu Tou Ren / 木头人
Release date: 2011/07/01
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Language: Mandarin, Hokkien (Taiwanese) [TW]

01. 木头人
02. 他们多幸福
03. 戒指情人
04. 爱你一辈子
05. Now
06. 我真的不要
07. 痛彻心扉
08. 伤心车站
09. 痴心爱过
10. 无缘的人唱无缘的歌

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2 komentari:

Anonymous said...

I just wanna tell you to not give up on this blog because I visit it everyday and very much appreciate all your effort :D Thank you very much

Ales said...

You're welcome :) Thank you for the support :) Sometimes I don't have enough time for uploads (I've got the real life too ^^) and that's the reason why sometimes there are no updates. But I haven't had even a thought about giving it up:) It can sound strange but this blog means much to me :)

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