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Amber Ann / 安心亚

Amber Ann - Bad Girl

Singer/band: Amber Ann / 安心亚
Title: Bad Girl / 恶女
Release date: 2011/08/26
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Language: Mandarin [TW]


01. 快快爱 (Kuai kuai ai)
02. 恋爱应援团 (Lian ai ying yuan tuan)
03. 乖乖牌 (Guai guai pai)
04. 我可以很勇敢 (Wo ke yo hen yong gan)
05. 哎呀呀呀 (Ai ya ya ya)
06. 恶女 (E nu)
07. Hola
08. 什麽都依你 (Shen mo dou yi ni)
09. 无可救爱 (Wu ke jiu ai)
10. 人儿何处归 (Ren er he chu gui)

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