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Liang Yi Zhen / 梁 一贞

Liang Yi Zhen - Jiu Shi Ai Ni

Singer/band: Liang Yi Zhen / 梁 一贞
Title: Jiu Shi Ai Ni / 就是爱你
Release date: 2011/09/06
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Language: Mandarin [TW]


01. 就是愛你 (Jiu shi ai ni)
02. 玩具 (Wan ju)
03. 愛沒那麼簡單 (Ai mei na me jian dan)
04. 天旋地轉 (Tian xuan di zhuan)
05. 北極光 (Bei ji guang)
06. Looking my eye
07. 愛說謊的狼 (Ai shou huang de lang)
08. 第五個下午 (Di wu ge xia wu)
09. 愛的祈禱 (Ai de qi dao)
10. 戀人的祝福 (Lian ren de zhu fu)

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TiFF TuMS said...

really surprised (in a good way) that she has an album out! thanks a lot for sharing...can't wait to listen to it!

This blog doesn't host any files. If you like the album, please buy it! support bands and singers! to make you easier to find the CD on (ships worldwide!) I post CD's catalogue numbers. And please delete all audio-files after 24 hours! They are for promotion purposes only~