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Frande / 法兰黛乐团

Frande - Shou Chong Rao Jing

Singer/band: Frande / 法兰黛乐团
Shou Chong Rao Jing / 受宠若惊
Release date: 2011/10/18
YesAsia Catalog No.:
Mandarin [TW]
pop, pop-rock, indie-rock

Link01. 輓歌 (Wan ge)
02. 可是啊 (Ke shi a)
03. 我的每句话 (Wo de mei ju hua)
04. Tautology
05. Every Word
06. 亲切 (Qin qie)
07. 受宠若惊 (Shou chong ruo jing)
08. 就是啊 (Jiu shi a)
09. 好好睡的歌
(Hao hao shui de ge)
10. 宠 (Chong)

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