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Fan Bing Bing / 范冰冰

Fan Bing Bing - Just Beginning

Singer/band: Fan Bing Bing / 范冰冰
Title: Just Beginning / 刚刚开始
Release date: 2005/11/21
YesAsia Catalog No.: 1004097008
Language: Mandarin [CN]
Style: Pop/Ballad

01. 飞鸟 (Fei niao)
02. 刚刚开始 (Gang gang kai shi)
03. 海的女儿 (Hai de nuer)
04. 妈妈谈恋爱 (Ma ma tan lian ai)
05. 海边 (Hai bian)
06. It’s Raining Day
07. 给我不同 (Gei wo bu tong)
08. 夕阳 (Xi yang)
09. 花之魅 (Hua zhi mei)
10. 坐在巷子口的那对男女 (Zuo zai xiang zi kou de na dui nan nu)
11. 遥远的爱恋 (Yao yuan de ai lian)

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